Our Markets

Everitt Lawson Group operates successfully investing in a variety of asset classes including several so-called “exotics”. The main asset classes in which we invest, however, are covered by three core categories and these are where the majority of our clients’ portfolios are represented.

Where We Invest


Equities form the underpinnings of most portfolios since, in the long run, they have been shown to offer excellent growth and protection against the undesirable effects of inflation. Here at Everitt Lawson Group, we provide our clients with access to stock markets around the world including those in emerging economies. Our highly researched stock recommendations play a significant role in the consistent market-beating returns our clients enjoy year after year in bull or bear markets.

We have particularly strong experience with small and micro-cap stocks in innovative companies operating in artificial intelligence, bio-technology and information technology.

Everitt Lawson Group
Everitt Lawson Group

Fixed Income

As many of our clients are currently retired or approaching retirement, we have a close affinity with the fixed income/bond markets. Everitt Lawson Group prefers to avoid advanced economy sovereign bonds since, in recent years, yields have been in steady decline. We do, however, hold blue-chip corporate bonds in high esteem given their larger yields and financial stability.

Clients with a minimal tolerance for risk or those who wish to derive a steady income tend to gravitate towards fixed income assets.


Commodities tend to appeal to clients who wish to preserve wealth but who may be wary of the traditional fixed income assets like bonds to achieve this objective. They also tie into macro-economic drivers like growth in emerging markets which translates into greater demand for raw materials like copper, iron ore, foodstuffs like pork and precious metals like gold and silver. These assets tend to perform well when the value or purchasing power of money is being eroded – typically when central banks expand the money supply with low interest rates and/or the creation of new money with little but government promises to back such activities.

Everitt Lawson Group offers our clients exposure to these raw materials through specialist investment vehicles known as exchange-traded funds. These vehicles are similar to mutual funds insofar as money from various investors is used to acquire the assets but the funds issue shares that trade on stock exchanges. The shares rise and fall in value according to and in correlation to the price of the underlying asset.

Everitt Lawson Group

Our Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to our esteemed clientele, each one flexible enough to be tailored to their exacting requirements.

Investment Management

There are two key ways in which we are able to represent our clients in the financial markets. Irrespective of which you choose, you can rest assured that Everitt Lawson Group will do its utmost to ensure that you receive the highest level of service and the best possible guidance.

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Financial Planning

For many, this is the most common driver for investment and for good reason. One's golden years should, indeed, be golden.

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Family Office

Everitt Lawson Group has a broad spectrum of clients; from ABC1 individuals and institutions to ultra-high net worth individuals and their families (UNHWs). For many of these UHNWs, management of wealth and the effective administration of investment portfolios is the equivalent of a full-time job. Our family office can lighten the load.

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